Focusrite — Vocaster
To create basic, animated, paid social assets which clearly communicate the four main selling points of Vocaster. 

A different colour palette was chosen — immediately taking Focusrite out of it's 'red & black' comfort zone. This was intentional, hoping to maximise the appeal to a broader, consumer electronics audience, rather than the usual music making audience that Focusrite is used to communicating with.

Each asset re-cut into four different dims, and localised into five languages.
Connect: To your phone, your camera and your audience.
Enhance: Podcaster approved. Sound your best in just one click.
Move: Small, light and powered by your computer.
Podcast: Get studio quality sound in seconds.

Idents were also commissioned for content creators to use as start and endplates. Animating the Vocaster logo allows a subtle amount of playful character to be introduced.