"I love working with Lex for two simple reasons. How easy it is to get ideas going, and how knowledgeable he is at making those ideas a reality. His portfolio will show you how visually stunning his work is, but it won’t tell you how Lex effortlessly implements fundamental design ideas and then uses creative tools to truly make them impactful either online or offline.
Anyone is lucky to work with this truly creative designer that is always striving to push the boundaries of what he can deliver to clients or colleagues alike."
Stephen Button  |  EMEA Channel Marketing
Jan 2015 — May 2021
"Lex is a rare breed. An exceptionally creative designer that understands and empathises with how a design will translate, be interacted with and perform in the real world. Not your traditional triple threat, but in the modern design world this level of understanding sets Lex apart.
Whenever a tough brief came in, I wouldn’t hesitate getting Lex involved from the  outset. Nothing kicks him off his stride, nothing is too much trouble. Lex is a special guy, I genuinely can’t wait to work with him again. If you’re lucky enough to work with him, you’ll understand why."
Simon Peacock  |  Creative Director
May 2005 — May 2020
"I had the pleasure of working with Lex over many years at Focusrite and he is a real asset to the company, both in the designs he creates and his work ethic. His work is always of the highest quality, with his attention to detail shining through. His ability to take briefs and bring them to life makes him such a reliable colleague to have in your Creative team.
I’ve worked with him on numerous projects, including designing stands for some of the biggest Pro Audio exhibitions in the world. The process was always effortless and the stands looked fantastic."
Sam Hayward  |  Global Events
Aug 2012 — May 2022
"I have worked in a design team alongside Lex on a variety of projects, and he has always demonstrated thoroughness and critical thinking, allowing him to push creativity to new levels with beautiful design solutions. 
He adapts easily to new challenges and has a passion for perfection. Lex is easy to approach, and provides valuable feedback and support to his team. He's a brilliant asset to a design team with a broad skillset, and is an all round lovely person."
Emma Davies  |  Junior Designer
Mar 2020 — Mar 2023
“Alex is one of the most creative people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. He has this very unique skill of being able to push the boundaries of his work without breaking brand guidelines. 
Time and time again I’ve been left astonished with the depths of his creations and I look forward to one day working alongside him again.”
Khash Zarrin  |  Digital Marketing
Jun 2020 — Sep 2021
"Alex has been very helpful for me within the event space assisting me with artwork throughout the pass few months with RG. He is open & honest and always keeps a constant communication to the status of the project. He works collaboratively with the team and whenever I have asked for his assistance he is open with his work capacity and is always effective in getting the job done to deadline. Its been a pleasure and I look forward to working with him this year.”
Rhea Beauchamp  |  Events Lead
Sept 2023 — Present
“Since Alex joined the Marketing Team in August, he has been astronomical to the outputs. Always supportive, Alex is fantastic at understanding the request and creating useful solutions that meet the requirement, as well as giving useful feedback for improvements. Incredible prioritisation, and very prompt to start each task and deliver it to a high standard.
A massive thank you to Alex for all of his work and support so far, I know our stakeholders are very impressed with each creative material Alex produces, and I always receive great feedback and thanks from our stakeholders and clients.”
Ashleigh Pass  |  Senior Campaigns Exec
Sept 2023 — Present
“During his time on the team, Alex has quickly got stuck in. He understands the challenge that lies ahead for his role and he is enthusiastic and keen to help move us as an organisation forward. Alex has quickly grasped the many complexities of the organisation, and although this often means that he cannot plan to work as he would like, he has shown great flexibility and a willingness to adapt to ensure that we can deliver. 
Alex has demonstrated a willingness to help and get involved, and has made himself invaluable to parts of the team already - and has ambitions to extend this involvement to other areas of the team. 
Moving forward, we will need to work together to ensure that Alex can reach a balance of delivering against his own goals and helping other people with theirs!”
Fiona Whitworth  |  Head of Content & User Experience
Sept 2023 — Present