Focusrite — Scarlett
Introduce and nurture an emotional association with the Scarlett range of USB audio interfaces — demonstrate that a Scarlett interface is more than just a red box on a desk.
The rationale
Focusrite's Scarlett interfaces enable the parts and ideas of a song in an artist's head to become a reality. Those ideas and parts are often reflections of the artist's feelings or a snapshot of the artist's life at the time they were written; so in many ways, they are more than just parts. 
Therefore, a Scarlett is more than just an audio interface — it accurately captures emotion and the nuances surrounding the expression of that emotion.
The messaging

Drummers: More than a beat
Singer / Songwriters: More than a song
Guitarists: More than a riff
Bands: More than a demo
Podcasters: More than an episode
Synth-heads: More than a patch
Classical / Soloists: More than a part
Sound designers: More than a sound
Each tagline is tailored accordingly to the main use cases for each of the audio interface configurations. Revolving around a two-part "More than a…" concept with call and response relating to the subject of the photography. The response is always "More than an interface".​​​​​​​
You have more to say
Additional messaging was added later in the process — "You have more to say". This was meant to act as an all encompassing, top-level message, with the intention of feeding into the "More than an interface" conversation.
real world implementation
Specific use case billboards — a few of the first uses of out-of-home advertising which Focusrite have ever placed. Unfortunately, this work was never given the chance to hit the UK, thanks to a certain 'C' word.
Hong Kong
Los Angeles