This page is in the process of being updated — please check back as I'll be adding expressions of Focusrite Pro across wider media (packaging, motion, digital, etc.)
Focusrite Pro
Rebrand of Focusrite’s professional audio solutions division
Audio-over-IP was a technology that had started to gain traction in the audio world. In simple terms it was a method of taking large audio setups, like a huge front-of-house mixing desk with miles of different cables running out of it, and turning that in to a single CAT5 ethernet cable, connected over a network. The potential was massive — Focusrite quickly identified this, and led the way. 
At this time, Focusrite’s higher end products remained under the Focusrite brand, but that brand was also catering to someone looking at spending £99 on their first interface for their bedroom setup. A few clicks away they’d be looking at an interface with enough inputs to be found in Abbey Road (which is worth pointing out, they actually are found there). It wasn’t ideal when driving traffic to a site with such a broad price point offering and a tone of voice that went from talking to a beginner to a seasoned professional.
Focusrite Pro was created. A division of Focusrite where the higher end products could occupy a space where clients felt they were going to be led to the solution they need, easily.
This wasn’t a branding project that required flamboyance — information had to be clearly presented, typography and type hierarchy styling dominated the early design decisions. Colour palette was drawn from the product ranges themselves — this gave us a strong red and blue as lead colours and blacks, greys and yellow to support them. A house style started to form swiftly.

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